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Step right up and get ready to taste history with Pride Dairy! For nearly a century, we've been churning out delicious butter and milk products that are a cut above the rest. As an original member of the Bottineau Co-Op Creamery, we've stayed true to our small-town roots while expanding to offer dairy delights across the Midwest.

Whether you're stopping by our parlor for a scoop of our creamy ice cream or finding us at your local grocery store, we promise that every product we make will leave you with a grin from ear to ear. So come on down and taste the pride of Pride Dairy - we can't wait to share a smile with you!

It’s Oh so good

Discover our delicious and creamy ice cream flavors, handcrafted with love in the heart of the Midwest.

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faces of Oh!

We're udderly convinced that like a perfect blend of milk and cheese, we're better together, and every member of our dairy squad plays a vital role in churning out success for the company!

Kriss & Tonya Allard

Meet Kriss and Tonya Allard, the dynamic duo behind Oh! Ice Cream. With a sprinkle of creativity and a double scoop of determination, Kriss and Tonya set out to produce North Dakota’s best ice cream. Their dedication to crafting incredible flavors has made them beloved in Bottineau and beyond, as they continue to spread smiles one scoop at a time.


Oh, the
sweet joy
of community!
In our small town, we're known for our big smiles and even bigger hearts! As a dairy provider, we believe that every glass of milk, every block of cheese, and every scoop of ice cream has the power to make someone smile.

That's why we're dedicated to churning out the freshest, creamiest, and most delicious dairy delights that bring joy to our community, one smile at a time!

Join our Team!

Are you ready to join the sweetest team in town? At Oh! Ice Cream, we've got your back with shared team inboxes that keep everyone in the loop, whether your team is as small as a scoop or big as a sundae. We use automation to move faster than a brain freeze, but we never lose our personal touch with our customers. Come scoop up some fun and join our ice cream dream team today!
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